Finally a new website

At first, we did not yet have a real website. We had a webshop which supported a separate blog and a little bit of information on the team members and a few reviews but that was about it. Our main focus primarily was to make sure that our pens would reach their new owners in good order rather than working on a website. And so, the website was postponed many times. We did not want to let anyone down.

Conid’s early adopters

The early adopters found their way to Conid through the three most visited fountain pen fora. Fountainbel (Francis Goossens) is our greatest ambassador on these fora and has helped many enthusiasts to our webshop. At first, we saw that there were many collectors among the early adopters. Those men and women did not seem to be bothered by the lack of a real website, they just wanted to have one (or more). More recently we noticed that many more women, and youngsters, are getting to know about Conid. In order to help them get decently informed before taking the plunge, we decided to get this new website up-and-running for the new year: the year of perseverance. Anyone who has ever worked on building a new website will acknowledge that a good website requires quite a lot of perseverance.


Being able to find our way to the younger parts of humanity is something we are very excited about. Many of us wrote with fountain pens in school but have stopped using them after graduating, or not unlike many of us, even earlier. Some of us got sparked in one way or the other to pick this beautiful pass-time up again. Seeing these youngsters having a true and honest interest, or even passion in fountain pens is something that we can only encourage. What strikes us is that many of these young men and women become true ambassadors of not only Conid but fountain pens in general. Writing is an old use and was almost completely replaced by the computer but we are very happy to see people embracing the best of both worlds. Taking the time to pick up a fountain pen, some nice ink and a piece of paper to write down thoughts, quotes, ideas, … and afterwards sharing these notes on the internet, we simply love it!