Pause to restart

We know it’s been quite a while you’ve been hearing from us, and we must confess that things have been quite busy in the past few months.

As you might have heard, our Bulkfillers have become a great success. Unfortunately, we’ve been quite overwhelmed by this matter and our team is working long hours to keep up with all of the orders, maintaining the same quality and individual care as we always have.

This is why we made the well-considered decision to establish an order-stop.

This means you’ll be unable to place an order from this day until further notice.

Pause to restart

Our main goal is to create the greatly needed peace and time to complete the long awaited open orders. At this very moment, we have to build 253 Bulkfillers. The Conid owners concerned were informed in detail about this.

To be clear: by no means this is an indication that we will fully stop making Bulkfillers. On the contrary, we are taking a pause to restart even stronger, with fresh ideas, enthusiasm and energy.

In order to bring our extended lead time back to a reasonable 4 to 6 weeks, we will be focusing on the following topics:

  • Maintain the quality and care for the open orders without any single compromise
  • Strengthen our customer service by expanding our team to allow the necessary dedication for a constant and swift follow up
  • Production of parts with perfected balance between batch size and efficiency to ensure stock and eliminate problematic shortages
  • Finetune workflows and the further automation of underlying processes to gain time

In the forthcoming six months, we will keep you posted on our recharge process, while continuing our hard work. Keep an eye on our blog or social media channels to discover our latest updates.

We hope we can maintain your trust in our Conid team as a unity of pen-enthusiasts who put their passion into making every pen absolutely flawless and above expectations.

A big and heartfelt THANK YOU for those who have been tested on their patience. We truly appreciate your understanding.

The Conid Team