A unique gift

unique gift

Every Conid user knows that a Bulkfiller is the perfect gift for any writer who wishes to indulge him- or herself with sophisticated design and luxurious writing comfort. However, we should not keep this stunning pens to ourselves, as the Conid Bulkfiller also is the perfect little luxury gift for any special occasion, or simply for those who deserve it.


You might want to thank a very special person you’ve encountered, or a family member who is very close to your heart. Celebrating the unicity and eternity of your relationship, a Conid Bulkfiller could therefore be the perfect present for an unforgettable gifting experience.

Our Conid Bulkfillers also prove to be a beautiful bride and groom gift, ideal for that very special signature on their wedding day. A Bulkfiller therefore puts a crown on any special celebration and serves as an everlasting memory to that unforgettable moment.


As a corporate gift, our Bulkfiller collection is the ideal way to express your gratitude for your business relations, clients or collegues.  It also serves as a perfect gift to congratulate staff members on reaching service milestones,  or any rewards or recognitions.

They are a timeless and elegant gift, breathing the sophistication any entrepreneur wants to carry out. Make an eternal impression with a truly stunning and unique writing piece, which expresses much more than a nice gesture.