Being the pivotal element of every fountain pen, our nib specialist individually grinds our Peter Bock nibs upon every customer's personal preference. Nibs are available in stainless steel, titanium, gold, white gold or stealth.Nib
Manufactured with high precision, our indestructible and ergonomic barrel is every Bulkfiller’s backbone. Depending on the specific model, our barrel is available in various materials.Barrel
Machined from solid titanium, the clip ensures lifelong tension.  Light-weight and elegant, it is a signature part of the Bulkfiller.Clip
All dimensions are in millimeters


Measuring an impressive 19,7 cm, this extraordinary long member of the Conid collection is designed to suit a bold lifestyle and to accomplish ideas of equal magnificence.


For those writers who aim to captivate the attention, this eye-catching model literally serves as an excentric extension to one's personality, lifestyle and artistry.


Unleash your creativity and dare to let your mind wander around. As an excellent sidekick, the Giraffe’s maximal ink capacity never puts boundaries to your endless stream of ideas.

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