Being the pivotal element of every fountain pen, our nib specialist individually grinds our Peter Bock nibs upon every customer's personal preference. Nibs are available in stainless steel, titanium, gold, white gold or stealth.Nib
Manufactured with high precision, our indestructible and ergonomic barrel is every Bulkfiller’s backbone. Depending on the specific model, our barrel is available in various materials.Barrel
Machined from solid titanium, the clip ensures lifelong tension.  Light-weight and elegant, it is a signature part of the Bulkfiller.Clip
All dimensions are in millimeters


Its soft matte finish and subtle titanium details contribute to the Slimline’s easy-going yet elegant character, making it suitable for daily handwriting or more formal occasions.


Our conveniently small and most lightweight Conid family member condensates our sophisticated design into a compact silhouette and is designed to fit in every pocket or case.


Remarkable, but never over the top; the Slimline's unpretentious design breathes modesty, yet shares the same uncontestably high quality features as the other members of the collection.

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