We are back

We are proud to announce the restart is here!

Conid and Penworld decided to join hands. Conid and Penworld’s first collaboration in 2018 was the “AntwerPPen”. This retail project by Conid was a great success and also the reason for the relaunch that Conid is doing now.

Penworld is a family-run business founded in 1924 in Antwerp; for several generations, they have followed the evolution of the world of pens. Today the 4th generation can ideally help you choose the writing instrument that perfectly suits your needs.

They are official dealer of many brands of luxury writing instruments and accesories and of course our ‘Conid Bulkfillers’.

Be sure to also their shop in Antwerp when you have the chance. Conid pens are on display, and you will soon be able to test the Conid nibs. 

The ‘Conid Bulkfillers’ are manufactured in batches with known high quality by our Conid Team. Penworld will be your contact for worldwide sales and support.

It will only be possible to order Conid  in stock at Penworld.

The first available pens will be the Kingsize and the Regular AntwerPPen, launching in late October. We are already working hard on preparing another batch of Bulkfillers that will be available in just a few months.

Be sure to visit the Penworld site if you wish to be notified when our Bulkfillers are available!