Conid Creative Contest: time to vote

It has been well over a month since the launch of our Conid Creative Contest, in which we challenged our Conid owners to submit their most authentic Conid Bulkfiller pictures.

First of all, we want to thank everybody for the support and your enthusiasm for this contest. We have received almost 200 marvellous pictures, which is absolutely incredible and overwhelming. We cannot thank you enough for your effort and we are very grateful for every single picture that has been sent in.
We want to thank every participant for the effort to take such beautiful pictures with such a remarkable variety of authentic contexts, compositions, stories and Bulkfillers. For us as a team, it is incredibly interesting to see how all of our pens have traveled around the world and are used with so much passion and pride.

The voting process

After the submission deadline, it was our task to select our favourite pictures to create a shortlist, which will be open to the public to vote up until June 30th.

We selected a jury of six of our team members, all with different backgrounds and experience working at Conid.

  • Werner, our CEO, who focused on the passion and emotion behind every picture.
  • Jonas, our design engineer, has been looking at the technical qualities of the photos.
  • Johan, our Nibmeister took care of the details in the pen and nib presented.
  • Koen, our creative marketer, was interested in how the story behind the pictures came to expression.
  • Chrisje, our copywriter focused on the composition and creativity/originality that was shown.
  • Pascal, our IT-wizard took the responsibility to balance out all of the opinions and had the final word to come to an agreement.

Mixing all of these different viewpoints and interests allowed us to take a decision that is well-balanced and not preoccupied in any way. We took our time to thoroughly discuss every single picture and made sure that everybody ended up being on the same page. The final shortlist we eventually selected is therefore fully supported by every single member of the jury.

We do have to say however, it wasn’t an easy job to selected our favourite pictures, since the quality of the submissions was incredibly high. A fair amount of hours, debates and decision-making later, we came to a selection of 30 beautiful pictures.


As mentioned, our shortlist is now open for voting up until June 30th 23:59 (CET). The winner will be officially announced on July 1st.

Please do share the link to your (favourite) picture via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit or Pinterest. Simply go to our voting webpage, click on your favourite picture and find our sharing options below.

You are able to vote only once on a single picture, but you are allowed to vote on multiple pictures if you have more than one favourite. You will however not be able to keep track of the amount of votes every picture has received.


The winner of the contest receives a giftcard worth 1000 euros to spend on a new Bulkfiller. We will personally contact the winner via e-mail after July 1st.

Every submitted picture might however still appear in our lookbook, on social media or our website. However, we do respect the artistic rights of all of our participants. As thoroughly stated in our competition rules, the photographer retains the exclusive ownership of the pictures under all circumstances. Conid prefers to always mention the source and author of your pictures, if the location of publication allows us to do so.

And the winner is …