Conid Creative Contest

Win worldwide recognition, a recording in our Conid Lookbook 2020 and a Conid giftcard worth €1000.

Conid Creative Contest

Send us your most authentic Bulkfiller photo and win!

Did you take one or more captivating pictures of your Conid Bulkfiller? Do you want to show off your Bulkfiller to the world? Are you eager to grab your smartphone or digital camera to shoot some amazing pen pictures?

Participate in our Conid Creative Contest, submit your best pictures and win worldwide recognition, a recording in our Conid Lookbook 2020 or even a Conid giftcard worth € 1000!

Participating is easy

  1. Log in to MyConid
  2. Provide a small description of your picture (optional)
  3. Upload your photo(s)
  4. Tell the world that you are participating in the Conid Creative Contest! Spread the word via #conidcreativecontest and #conidpen

You are allowed to upload a maximum of 10 pictures until May 31st 2019. Take your time, it is possible to spread your submissions during this period. Only Conid owners are eligible to participate. Borrowing a Bulkfiller to send in submissions is not acceptable and is against the spirit of the contest.

Technical guidelines

While this is a creative contest, the pictures should still meet certain technical requirements to be eligible for participation:

  • Resolution and aspect
    Use the highest resolution possible, preferably larger than 2560 x 1440 pixels. The maximum file size is 15MB.
  • Orientation
    Please use landscape photos only. Portrait orientation may offer creative benefits, but such photos are very hard to use in certain layouts when we show-case your work!
  • Pure and unedited
    No filters, no extra cropping or rotating, no removing of dust particles or other corrections necessary.
    We know how difficult clean pen photos are, so this wil not be part of the criteria judged in the selection process.
  • Composition
    Either a single Bulkfiller, fully visible within the frame with a certain space at the boundaries, or either a nice crisp close up of a detail. Something in between will not be accepted.
  • Background
    No pictures with a plain white background. As mentioned before, we are not looking for studio-perfect product photos!
  • Subject
    Although we appreciate the diversity of your collection, the focus of this contest is to share photos of your Conid fountain pens.

Click here to view a pdf with examples.

Why this contest?

Every Conid Bulkfiller is unique and is used in an even more unique environment. We are incredibly proud that our pens are used all over the world. Regularly, we see beautiful pictures of our pens in use on social media. What makes these pictures so interesting is that they provide a unique glimpse of how our owners use their Bulkfillers an in authentic context.

It would be an amazing opportunity to be able to show these pictures on our website, to other (new) Conid users or people that do not know us. Since it is impossible to shoot these unique pictures ourselves or to send a photographer around the world, we would like to ask for your help.

Please note that one of Conid’s key values is honesty. As a small company developing our own brand and products, we do understand how much work and expertise it takes to create your unique piece of craftsmanship. We want to emphasize that we will give the photographers all the recognition they deserve.

We respect your ownership.

Why should I participate?

  • To show off your boundless creativity
  • To help Conid collect sincere pictures of pens in their natural habitat.
  • To see your photo featured in the very first Conid Lookbook coming soon
  • To win € 1000 to spend on a brand new Conid Bulkfiller on expedited delivery. The slot in the cue is already reserved to guarantee a priority assembly.
  • To offer Conid new insights: we are very curious how every Conid owner is using his or her Bulkfiller. We would like to share the passion, spirit and story behind all of our fountain pen lovers.

What happens next?

May 31st
The submission period will close and the anonymous jury, consisting of experts in photography, marketing and design, will assemble the shortlist.

June 6th
Conid will officially publish the shortlist on the voting page
The world can start voting for its favorite entries in the shortlist

July 1st
The winner will be revealed and awarded

We respect your ownership

By sending in your pictures, you agree to grant Grocon BVBA (owner of the Conid brand) a worldwide non-exclusive royalty-free license to use the images. This means that Conid is allowed to use the pictures for activities in all media, including social media, online and print or for promotional and marketing purposes. However, the photographer retains the exclusive ownership of the pictures under all circumstances. Conid prefers to always mention the source and author of your pictures, if the location of publication allows us to do so.