Why every climate-conscious writer should use a Bulkfiller

With the recent attention to our changing climate and thousands of youngsters raising awareness for the environment, we also wanted to reflect on Conid’s initiatives to reduce our environmental impact.

Just like our mother company Komec, Conid pays a lot of attention on our impact on the climate. To us, reducing our ecological footprint is not a new concept, but a logical step that has played a vital role ever since the establishment of our company.

Therefore, we have listed why writing with a Conid Bulkfiller is also a conscious choice for our climate. So from now on, put that disposable ballpoint pen to the side.

1. Pens made to last forever

A Conid Bulkfiller is made to last a lifetime. We only use high-quality and sturdy materials for our pens, even for small details like the clip. Also the way our pens are manufactured ensures that almost no signs of wear and tear will appear over time. Conid is no supporter of the throw-away and mass-production philosophy. We make sure that your Bulkfiller serves every purpose and is the only writing tool you need.

2. A sustainability policy that makes a difference

Investing in an extensive environmental policy is equally important for us as a company as for our climate. Not only are all of our machines operating on solar power, but also the reduction of waste is one of the key factors in our company’s policy. We recycle all of our metals, down to the smallest chip. We try to avoid any excess packaging as much as we can. Everything that remains is mindfully sorted or recovered. Also the oils that clean, cool or lubricate our machines are not immediately disposed of. Instead, we reuse our emulsions as much as we can, to maximally reduce our environmental impact.

3. Our Bulkfillers, packaged in a reusable Conid-box

After a pen is finished in our premises, we send it to its new owner in an aluminium Conid-box. Each Bulkfiller model has its own unique box. However, this little addition to your pen is not only pleasing to the eye, it also comes in very handy as a pencil case or storage for other small items. Our Conid boxes are cut and bent in-house, so they come with the same high-quality standards and precision as any of our Bulkfillers made.

4. Ink without a cartridge

Also the Bulkfiller system itself helps to reduce our impact on the environment. After all, there is no need to buy plastic ink cartridges that are (like we probably have all experienced) empty in no time. Using a Bulkfiller, you draw up the ink straight into the barrel, avoiding any additional plastic waste. What’s more, our Bulkfillers are designed to be leak proof and write exceptionally economical: so even your ink use gets reduced.