Lore, winner of the AntwerPPen contest

If you follow us on our Facebook page, you might have seen that we ran a contest to win an AntwerPPen Bulkfiller, ending our AntwerPPen & More exposition. The lucky winner of this bright red Kingsize is Lore, student and teacher to be. Last month, she visited the CONID office to pick up her brand new fountain pen.

“To be honest, I actually never heard of CONID when I came to the AntwerPPen & More exposition”, Lore admits. “It’s my father-in-law who is the real pen enthusiast in our family. My mother-in-law organised a  family trip to Antwerp to visit the exposition and of course I was happy to come along.” Nevertheless, Lore was quite impressed by all of our pens: “I thought every single pen was displayed very beautifully, according to the ‘theme’ of every collection.”

Determined to win

In order to win an AntwerPPen, participants needed to come up with a pangram, a sentence in which all of the letters of the alphabet are incorporated. “I thought this was a great challenge”, Lore says. “I actually was quite determined. I even said to my family: this time, I’m really going to win!” However, Lore still was very surprised to find out she actually was the winner. “I considered gifting the pen to my father-in-law, since he is a big fan of CONID and the Bulkfillers. But he was very resolute: he insisted that I should definitely keep it for myself” Lore says smilingly.

Grading with a Bulkfiller

Lore talks about how she is finishing her teacher’s degree in French and History this year. Since our AntwerPPen & More vernissage also featured the release of our brand new Cavens Pen, it is a happy coincidence that a future teacher is the winner of our contest. “This pen might come in very handy for all my grading work to come. I promise to write with it every day”, Lore says.  Since Lore is a ‘Bulkfiller-newbie’, our CONID crew kindly took the time to explain how she should fill and maintain her new fountain pen. “This might take some time to get used to”, she says, “but I’m very happy to discover that there are actually YouTube-tutorials available to help me along.”

After some more chatting, discovering our collection and trying out her new fountain pen, Lore smilingly left our headquarters. With an AntwerPPen for herself, and some merch and catalogues for her father-in-law.