AntwerPPen: transition, statement and style

A homage to Antwerp

Resembling its characteristic diamond, Antwerp is a multi-facetted city, reflecting its many vibrant shades as perceived through various angles.

Alongside the current of the river Scheldt, the port of Antwerp is a beacon of exchange in ideas and cutting-edge technology. This dynamic atmosphere allows new influences to flow into the city, as well as assuring a solid reputation for Antwerp and Belgium on a global basis.

With great respect to its rich cultural heritage, Antwerp succeeds to find harmony between tradition and modernisation. In this regard, Conid chooses to support this essential balance. Our company strives to let Antwerp’s pivotal role in the history of manuscription go hand in hand with contemporary technology, thereby aspiring to reinforce Antwerp’s passion for handwriting.

First retail project

The AntwerPPen is unique in the sense that this is Conid’s first retail project and pays a tribute to our home base: the city of Antwerp. With this new addition to the collection, Conid aims to put emphasis on this typical Antwerpian sense of style and quality, multiculturalism and everlasting desire to explore beyond borders, which are key to Antwerp’s worldly allures
The AntwerPPen combines the features of our traditional Giraffe, Regular and Kingsize collection with our renowned Bulkfiller system and an exclusive Antwerp red patterned Acryllic. This pairing conveys a long tradition of craftsmanship combined with the courage and passion to breathe new life into this beautiful city’s long history.

Fountain pen retailers

For this unique project, Conid chose to exclusively collaborate with a renowned fountain pen retailer in Antwerp: Penworld. In the shadow of our beautiful Antwerp cathedral, they are selling our AntwerPPens right in the beating heart of the city. For more information about thisAntwerp pen shops, please visit their website at