Made in Antwerp for Antwerp

AntwerPPen – Highly exclusive Conid Bulkfiller


We believe beauty is found in simplicity, and therefore have chosen a clean, simple and well-balanced look for our collection. The AntwerPPen however, stands out as an ode to its city – an exclusive Conid Bulkfiller in vibrant Antwerp Conid Red.

With its distinctive, yet elegant design, the AntwerPPen adds a touch of refinement to daily handwriting or formal occasions.
Next to its timeless design, the AntwerPPen is created to last. Crafted from premium materials, this pen guarantees high durability to complement numerous writing sessions.


Behind the AntwerPPen’s simple and elegant design lies detailed and revolutionary craftsmanship and innovation. This pen emerges from an exquisite blend of detailed handcrafting and contemporary automatized technology.

The Patented Bulkfiller system enables Conid pen owners to enjoy undisturbed and extensive writing sessions. The high-capacity ink reservoir allows a stream of ideas to continuously flow onto paper. Crafted with detail, the AntwerPPen is built to write with equal precision.


We believe passion is the very fundament of creativity and innovation. It allows us to translate our key values like quality and perfection into pens that lie very close to our hearts. However, passion is also a driving force, persuading us to constantly push the boundaries of technology and design. Our devotion to innovation underpins everything we do.

We decided to unify this ideology with our love for Antwerp, to create a pen that shows the ultimate core of what our company truly values in its heart. From its ardent Antwerp red finish to its premium design, the AntwerPPen breathes passion. Through creating this pen, we hope to pay great tribute to our city, spreading sparks of our passion among our future AntwerPPen writers.

Antwerp – The diamond heart of Europe


Resembling its characteristic diamond, Antwerp is a multifaceted city, reflecting its many vibrant shades as perceived through various angles.
Alongside the current of the river Scheldt, the port of Antwerp is a beacon of exchange in ideas and cutting-edge technology. This dynamic atmosphere allows new influences to flow into the city, as well as assuring a solid reputation for Antwerp and Belgium on a global basis.

With great respect to its rich cultural heritage, Antwerp succeeds in finding harmony between tradition and modernization. In this regard, Conid chooses to support this essential balance. Our company strives to let Antwerp’s pivotal role in the history of manuscription go hand in hand with contemporary technology, thereby aspiring to reinforce Antwerp’s passion for handwriting.


Whether you enter Antwerp through its marvellous train station, its dynamic port or alongside architectural highlights such as the brand new Port House, the city always manages to leave an instantaneous imprint on its visitors.

Antwerp does not only stand out as a cradle of talent and innovation by performing ground-breaking research at an international level but it has also always been the home of people and companies who try to break the mould and dare to go off the beaten path.
Its multiculturalism and everlasting desire to explore beyond borders are key to Antwerp’s worldly allures. Personified through its traditional bright red sheen, the city never shies away from accentuating its boldness. From housing the most prestigious diamond suppliers to hosting the world’s biggest dance festival, Antwerp truly has the courage to make a statement on a global level.


True expression only emerges when one can genuinely be oneself. Antwerp’s sincerity, daring character and confidence have allowed the city to develop an iconic style and identity.

From the legendary Antwerp Seven to the MAS-museum, Antwerp is definitely not ‘your average city’. Breathing avant-gardism, Antwerp creates a peculiar mélange of tradition and experiment enclosing the city. Its commitment to style and cutting-edge design resonates throughout the architecture, shops and creators present. This contemporary and broad-minded spirit contributes to Antwerp’s reputation as a metropolis for those who truly dare to be remarkable.