Being the pivotal element of every fountain pen, our nib specialist individually grinds our Peter Bock nibs upon every customer's personal preference. Nibs are available in stainless steel, titanium, gold, white gold or stealth.Nib
Manufactured with high precision, our indestructible and ergonomic barrel is every Bulkfiller’s backbone. Depending on the specific model, our barrel is available in various materials.Barrel
Machined from solid titanium, the clip ensures lifelong tension.  Light-weight and elegant, it is a signature part of the Bulkfiller.Clip
All dimensions are in millimeters


Jozef Cavens, a former primary school teacher (87) has been a first grade teacher in Deurne (Belgium) for all his life. During his career (discover his story), he has taught over 800 children how to read and write with a fountain pen. Passionate about writing, he exchanged his students' spelling booklets with other teachers from all over the world. Just like this unique collection, the Cavens Pen is created to last for infinity.  


The Cavens Pen is a special edition of our Slimline model, which is designed to be very straightforward and accessible, focusing on the true essence of writing. This pen has a simple yet elegant matte black finish, with a touch of vibrant red at the rim, to symbolize the red ink Jozef used to write the first letters in the spelling booklets and a subtle wink to Antwerp. Discover the full story.


With his special edition, Jozef doesn’t only prove that all of the children around the world write the same way, but also that up until today, handwriting still plays a vital role in worldwide education and children’s development of skills. Handwriting is something that connects us, yet defines us at the same time. The Slimline Cavens Pen, in its matte black elegance, supports this underlying idea of returning to what is truly essential. Discover the Cavens story.

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