With summer almost over we are thrilled to announce a new release is coming soon!

Our new release is a Conid Regular, this first fountain pen of the Conid collection emerged from an exquisite blend of detailed handcrafting and automatized technology and therefore stands out as a state-of-the-art fountain pen up until today.

This Bulkfiller has a Delrin cap and end caps, with a Titanium clip. The well-known demonstrator body is equipped with a high-quality size #6 nib. All nibs are tuned and optimized in-house by our skilled craftsmen. Each nib is accompanied by a certificate that guarantees a wonderful writing experience.

It will be available on the Penworld site on the 26th of September @ 3 pm CEST.

The Regular Demonstrator will remain in our permanent collection. This means that even though the current stock is limited, this pen will become available again in another release. So, if you miss your chance on the release date, please subscribe for a stock notification!

If you are interested be sure to sign up for a notification on the launch day!