Upcoming October release and some exciting news

In the last couple of months we received a lot of mails from people asking when a non-demonstrator body would be re-released.

Our upcoming release will be the Conid Regular with Delrin body, cap and end caps, with a Titanium clip. This Bulkfiller is equipped with a high-quality size #6 nib. It will be available with steel, titanium, and 14K gold nib.

It will be available on the Penworld site on the 24th of October @ 3 pm CEST.

We’re thrilled to announce a groundbreaking moment for all fountain pen enthusiasts – for the very first time, you can walk into the Penworld store in Antwerp and purchase the renowned Conid Bulkfiller. Penworld will have several models in stock. At the moment you will already find several Minimalistica and Regular Bulkfiller fountain pens in stock, and the Kingsize will be available in store very soon.