Upcoming Release

We are thrilled to announce that a new release is coming soon!

For this new release we chose the well-known Minimalistica Bulkfiller

The Conid Minimalistica is our sleek and modern fountain pen designed for those who love minimalism design. This Bulkfiller has a Delrin cap, Titanium clip and end caps. The well-known demonstrator body is equipped with a high-quality size #6 steel or titanium nib.

It will be available on the Penworld site on the 25th of April @ 3 pm CEST.

The Minimalistica Demonstrator will remain in our permanent collection. This means that even though the current stock is limited, this pen will become available again in another release. So, if you miss your chance on the release date, please subscribe for a stock notification!

If you are interested be sure to sign up for a notification on the launch day!