Conid presents AntwerPPen: an ode to the most beautiful city in the world

This October, Conid proudly announced the release of a brand new and exceptional Conid family member: the AntwerPPen. The pen is unique in the sense that this is Conid’s first retail project and pays a tribute to our home base: the city of Antwerp. With this new addition to the collection, Conid aims to put emphasis on this typical Antwerpian sense of style and quality, multiculturalism and everlasting desire to explore beyond borders, which are key to Antwerp’s worldly allures.

An ode to Antwerp

Our CEO Werner Helsen proudly proclaims that “our hometown is Antwerp, a metropole surrounding one of the world’s capital ports. We’re internationally renowned for our craftsmanship, our diamond expertise and our fashion industry. To this outstanding pieces of craftsmanship, we now want to add an exclusive fountain pen paying tribute to this marvellous city”.

Exceptional look

The AntwerPPen combines the features of our traditional Giraffe, Regular and Kingsize collection with our renowned Bulkfiller system and an exclusive Antwerp red patterned material. This pairing conveys a long tradition of craftsmanship combined with the courage and passion to breathe new life into this beautiful city’s long history. On the other hand, Conid aims to introduce its Bulkfiller system to a more global and retail-based market.

AntwerPPen online

This pen’s extravagant look was also noticed by our strong audience of Conid followers. Its distinctive red pattern and refined details, such as the little diamond on the clasp, caught much attention and approval. On our social media platforms Instagram and Facebook, the pen was received under a lot of enthusiasm and also our exclusive retailer Penworld already got visited by quite a few admirers.

An exceptional pen evidentially demands an exceptional story. Therefore, we provided our AntwerPPen with its own custom website. The website highlights the peculiar connection between this pen and its capital city of Antwerp, revealing the intriguing history of both this mundane metropole and the making of the AntwerPPen. Additionally, you can find more information about the philosophy behind this ode to Antwerp and more detailed specifications about the AntwerPPen itself.

AntwerPPen Show & More

This summer, we would like to present our AntwerPPen more formally at a special AntwerPPen show. This exhibition will take place on July 20th and 21st in Antwerp, introducing the public to Conid’s latest developments and collections.

Two exclusive resellers

For this unique project, Conid chose to exclusively collaborate with a renowned fountain pen retailer in Antwerp: Penworld. In the shadow of our beautiful Cathedral, they are selling our AntwerPPens right in the beating heart of the city. For more information about this Antwerp pen shop, please visit their website