You will not be disappointed

April 17, 2019

In my collection of fountain pens are things like a Pelikan M805 Stressemann, several Montblanc 149s, a complete set of M215s, all with M4xx series nibs, a number of vintage Conways, Parkers, and the like. Without a doubt, however, my absolute favourite pen is my Conid Bulkfiller, Kingsize.

More than any other pen, it fits in my hand the most comfortably, it writes the smoothest, the cleanest, and the most consistently. The enormous tank makes writing marathons an absolute breeze. Whereas I would have to keep a bottle or two of ink in my desk drawer at school to refill almost every other day when I carried my Montblancs, now, I simply don’t.

Truth being told, my next big purchase is going to come in the form of 4 Slimlines, so I can have a big more variety of colours used when I mark papers. Seriously, if you don’t already own a Conid, buy one, you will not be disappointed. A testament to their craftsmanship and their quality can be found in the following fact: on Reddit’s /r/pen-swap, you can regularly find people selling Pelikan Toledos and Montblanc Writer’s Editions and even pristine condition Tibaldis and Conways, however, you will rarely see a Conid for sale, and when you do, they are sold almost instantaneously. Once somebody gets one, they rarely, if ever, want to let it go.