Where can I find and buy the entire Conid collection?

Conid Classic Collection

Discover our Classic Collection.


What do the abbreviations stand for?

Specials & Limited

Discover our Special Collection.


Where can I buy a Conidpen?

You can purchase our Conid bulkfillers at our webshop. We have no dealer network except for some special editions, such as the Fontoplumo Monarch, AVDA Phi Collection and lastly our AntwerPPen, which is exclusively sold in Antwerp pen shops.


Does Conid provide any discount or sale?

As we charge our manufacturing cost, we do not run any discounts for our Bulkfillers.


I am visiting Antwerp on holiday for a few days and wondered if you allow any tours or have any pens to sell?

Due to the current workload, and the fact we are fully focused on production and assembling parts, we have decided a while ago that it is better to not invite people in the Conid headquarters….

If people want to come over from abroad, It is best to give them a warm welcome and the time they deserve… And that is sadly a luxury we do not have right now.

I hope we can find your understanding in this “closed” policy.

IDEA! Visit the pen shops in Antwerp who are offering our AntwerPPen.