What do the abbreviations in the pen names stand for?

Abbreviations Classic Collection


The first letter

S: Slimline

M: Minimalistica

R: Regular

K: Kingsize

G: Giraffe


The second part: Overall material

BCB: Black Conid Bulkfiller

DCB: Demonstrator Conid Bulkfiller

ECB: Black Ebonite Conid Bulkfiller


The third part: Barrel material

BB: Black (Delrin) Barrel

DB: Demonstrator Barrel

EB: Black Ebonite Barrel


FT or SL or SLK?

FT: Flat Top

SL: Streamline

SLK: Sleek (not yet in webshop)

The difference between Streamline and Sleek.



TI: Titanium knobs

ST: Stealth


What does the plus (“+”) mean at the end of the pen name? (e.g.: M BCB DB FT +)

The plus indicates that there will be a clip installed on your pen.