Handwriting: a unique glimpse of your identity

At our AntwerPPen & More exposition that took place this July and August, we couldn’t resist the tradition of providing a guestbook and a Conid Bulkfiller. In that way, our guests could not only leave a “probatio pennae” but also a unique piece of handwriting about their visit to our exposition or vernissage.

A guestbook full of unique personalities

We were of course happily surprised by the enthusiasm with which our visitors have filled our guest book almost entirely. It is completely filled with great comments and on top of that, with a lot of incredibly unique pieces of handwriting. All written with only one Conid Bulkfiller and one kind of ink, but resulting in such an amazing variety of creations.

Your personal fingerprint in ink

Your handwriting is practically as unique as your finger print, and has been an important means of communication and expression between people for several centuries. It therefore should come as no surprise that handwriting also seems to give away a lot about your personality as well. For that matter, two Romanian scientists have carried out a research on what the so called science of graphology can tell about your personality.

You are what you write

For example, graphologists are linking the personal features of a writer to the pressure on the streaks, the way the letter “t” and “y” are written and the position of the text on the page.

In that way, we can make predictions about the gender of the writer, but also detect developmental disorders with children, illnesses such as Parkinson’s disease or even predict whether the writer was actually lying or speaking the truth.

So what about your handwriting?

The Romanian scientists differentiate between the following unique writing features:

The so-called base-line is the virtual line on which the letters are positioned. Optimistic people have a base-line that goes upwards, while the base-line of people who are rather pessimistic is going downwards. A base-line that is nearly straight is assigned to people with a high sense of rationality and self-control.

Furthermore, the words can also take a certain direction by themselves. If your words are all pretty straight, you are in control of your emotions. However, people whose words are leaning towards the left side, are real control-freaks. Are your words leaning to the right? Then you might be very good at expressing your true feelings.

Also the pressure you put on your pen is telling more than you might expect about your personality. A very light pressure points to people that are not really affected by frightful events, while people who put much pressure on their pen are actually very much affected by such events.

Your personality lies in the smallest details, since even the little horizontal bar on the letter “t” is affected by your characteristics. If you are  putting this bar rather low, this means that your self-confidence is quite low as well. People putting this bar very high up however, have a pretty high sense of self-esteem.

This is only a small part of what the science of graphology can actually tell about your handwriting, but it has become clear to the investigators that these predictions are actually very accurate and propose to conduct even more research on this very interesting topic.

Your Bulkfiller: as unique as your personality

Here at Conid, we understand the importance of your unique handwriting. Because your writing represents your personality, we want to incorporate this idea in the pens we design and create. We offer a great variety of collections, sizes and pen nibs, so that everybody finds their own personal preference in our creations. You can also customize your pen with a personal engraving and next to that, our nibmeister grinds your nib according your personal preferences and handwriting. Our personal approach and service make sure that your unique Bulkfiller perfectly matches your personality and handwriting.