Custom grinding

At Conid, we understand that despite all technology, it is eventually the nib that forms the true essence of any good fountain pen. Since everybody has a very personal way of writing, we believe that you should be able to accustom your nib to your unique writing style and preferences. Therefore, Conid offers a broad selection of nibs, all customizable in size, material and grind. Our webshop offers the possibility to order your nib along with your new Bulkfiller, but you can always order extra nibs with custom grinds to fit your Bulkfiller according to your personal demands.


Standard finetuning

Our nib specialist takes a look and smoothens every nib before installing it onto your Bulkfiller. At this stage, we can also change certain parameters such as flow and feedback.

Most people want their nibs to be silky smooth and have a flow of approximately 7/10 so we take this as a standard. This is a nice flow without being too wet for daily note-taking. Should you want it otherwise, please make sure to specify this in the comment section when ordering your Conid Bulkfiller and nib(s).
Some of the nibs’ line width does not always correspond to the Conid Standard but we will do all the necessary to ensure that our nibs meet the Conid Quality Standard.


Extra custom nib grinding

For some fountain pen users, a standard rounded tipping just not meets their satisfaction. That is where the extra grinding comes into play. At Conid, nearly any type of grinding is possible, as long as the tipping and nib material allows for it.

Below, you can find all of our available grinds and a quick description of what you can expect to feel and see when ordering one of these. These grinds are not a standardized fact, there is no international norm when it comes to grinding at any given manufacturer or even nibmeister. We have done our research and have opted to go for what we think are the most logical sizes, shapes and names that are known in the fountain pen world.


Available grinds


  • X: Extra
  • F: Fine
  • M: Medium
  • B: Broad

Note: We have had many requests for Extra Fine Stub grinds but this is not possible. We can, however, offer an Extra Fine Architect grind. This will give you the inverted line variation of a stub but line variation nonetheless.

For any further or more detailed information on the topic of nib grinding, we recommend to visit Richard Binder’s webpage about this subject.