Cappuccino Regular Bulkfiller Limited Edition

When you hear the word ‘cappuccino’, do you automatically imagine the good smell of a cup of coffee?

And what does coffee actually mean to you? Well, for me it’s inseparably connected with my morning routine. The start of a new day. What this Limited edition wants to illustrate is actually the very same – the start of something good.

Worth saying is that Antwerp has been a well-known centre for the import of coffee beans since the 16th century and is proud of this long tradition. This still has an impact on life today and emphasizes our great coffee culture.

Cappuccino LE: original, Progressive and Accurate

The collection itself is made from acrylic with the very same caramel and cream colours as a steaming cup of cappuccino. We chose to do this in a Regular Flat top, mostly because it’s such a popular model. The cap top and hand nut are made of titanium. On the bottom of the hand nut, the serial number is engraved.

Why are we waiting until December 6th? It’s the day Santa Claus comes to reward good children. Santa Claus actually embodies the one who gives. This is a profound characteristic of the old man with the white beard. Only those who give know the true pleasure and value of receiving. We are all grown-ups now, who at some stage stopped believing in the myth of Santa. But let us take a moment of self-reflection to determine whether we can be givers as well.

Update: against all expectations it only took 2 and a half hours to get completely sold out. We are very pleased with the outcome and our loyal new Conid owners! Thanks a lot to all you folks.