Smooth as silk

April 15, 2015

Just picked her up from the Post Office today, ran home and figured out how to get ink into it. I am amazed how art married itself with genius engineering to make a perfect product.  It is beyond beautiful. It has a serious feel in the hand. It seems like a natural object to hold and write with.

The Titanium nib is smooth as silk even on cheap paper, I’m glad I went with the Titanium because it seems to have a nice little amount of flex to it. Not to mention it holds a lot of ink, I have never noticed the level of an ink bottle drop when filling any other pens.

I have a feeling I might like this one more than my Montblanc 149 from the mid fifties, (which up until an hour ago was my ‘Grail Pen’).

I just wish I wasn’t in such a hurry to ink it up and took the time to run a pen flush through it as I usually do, I get a small skip on smoother paper, but I am more than sure it will go away soon.

I want to thank everyone involved for making such an amazing pen for what I feel is a very reasonable price. Now I’m off to Fountain Pen Network to praise Francis, You, and your company.  Now I want to buy a demonstrator pen from you guys next, I just have to settle on what nib I want for the next one.

Thanks again.

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