Regular DCB DB FT

United Kingdom
April 9, 2014

I love the Bulk Filler mechanism – I think that you have done a brilliant job there.
It does maybe take a little more effort than the other filling systems with which I’m familiar, but the whole process of filling the pen with ink feels more controlled to me, which I like a lot. Of course, there is also the excellent benefit of the high ink capacity, whilst still keeping the pen a reasonable size!

I also really like the understated look and clean lines of the pen. I particularly like the way that the cap attaches to the end of the barrel, clicking into place – I think that is a really nice touch!

My favorite thing about the pen, and I think the most important thing, is the way it writes and the ink flows: it’s consistently free-flowing, but never too much – for me, it is perfect in this respect. Overall, your pen is an absolute pleasure to write with, and I am really pleased with it –  congratulations on designing and producing such an excellent product!

Thank you for your excellent service.