A thing of beauty!

United Kingdom
November 8, 2017

Dear Werner, Francis, Johan and Jonas,

Upon reading the good news of the package having been sent, I immediately rushed to the Timpson office in the hope that the pen had arrived. And there it was, surely every pen lover’s wish: a package from Conid. The hardest bit was trying to escape from my work colleagues so that I could get home to open the package!

Back at home, whilst my poor wife was left busy unpacking our suitcases and preparing our meal, I gave myself the very important job of opening the Conid parcel. And now I hold a Masterpiece, my very own Conid Caiso Bulkfiller.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, gentlemen, for your collective work, wonderful achievement, and for your unbelievable generosity. I am truly humbled and extremely grateful to you all.

I love the new hinged box, which is a huge improvement over the original I received with my first Bulkfiller. The personalisation ‘presented to……’ on top of this new box is a lovely touch, and the metal certificate of authenticity fixed inside the lid is very professional.
But of course the pen: a thing of beauty!

I look forward to savouring the moment, this weekend when I can fill this masterpiece with my chosen ink and let my vintage Waterman’s nib (thanks, Francis) do what it was designed to do best.

I hope you too have such a wonderful weekend.
Kind regards as always,