There is no clip on the Minimalistica?

I don’t see a clip in the cheaper minimalistica version. Is it just a different angle or the pen doesn’t have one?

That configuration is indeed less in value since it has no clip (price difference = 50,00 EUR).

Instead of a clip, these clipless configs come with a titanium ring.

Adding a clip is possible at any time. But be aware that the spare part price of the clip on itself is more than 50,00 EUR.

Also interesting: the “+” in the code represents the clip.

The Minimalistica was initially designed to be clipless, but was added later on due to user feedback … Hence the Plus.

If you wish to have a clipless Minimalistica, do know that the cap and body material can differ from the image in the webshop. You can use the comment box on the order form to specify them. Options: clear demonstrator, or matte black Delrin.