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Flat Top

Thank you!

I love the pen, once you get the hang of it the Bulkfiller holds a large amount of ink which lasts a long time. The size, weight and balance of the pen is just right. It is my No. 1 pen!!

Adrienne C. United Kingdom December 14, 2012

Great compliment

Thank you Werner & Francis,

You guys are not only producing amazing pens, but also provide excellent customer service!  I will let you know when the feed/sleeves arrive.


Calvin C. FPR demonstrator U.S.A. January 27, 2013

Regular BCB BB SL

Gentlemen I am enjoying the Conid Streamline very much. I’m inclined to buy another as a back up – or a couple!

Bill W. Canada April 22, 2013

Oh how I love this pen

Oh how I love this pen….. I can sit and write 4-5 page long letters and not feel a bit of tired hand.
I am a just retired Quality engineer ( aerospace), and your mechanics, design and quality are 100% top notch.
I am so proud to own this high precision writing instrument ( at this level it is no longer just a “pen”).

Al Shinogle November 21, 2018