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Our Conid owners and fans are the best ambassadors out there. Therefore, we would like to ask for a little help. At Conid, we are fully focussed on our client’s wishes: excellent quality, a personal service, expertise and a passion for writing.

This means that there is little time left to invest in costly commercials or advertisements.

We would like to ask for your help by spreading your thoughts about Conid among other pen enthusiasts: it’s the best and most genuine publicity we could ever wish for. Simply leave a rating at our Google page and you would make our day!

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All online posts concerning Conid are automatically gathered at tPeople talk about Conidhis page. We think it is marvellous that so many people are writing about Conid.

We greatly appreciate the comments of every (future) Conid enthousiast and we think it is important to share these viewpoints with our website visitors.


This page displays a selection of reviews we have received from customers and professionals. We appreciate these reviews a lot since we have no real shops where customers can communicate their desires and complaints. Conid always takes feedback, both positive and negative, in consideration in order to improve our fountain pens. We put our customer’s satisfaction as our priority, and therefore, we will go beyond borders to reach the desired perfection. If you are interested in writing a review yourself, which we do encourage, please feel free to use our contact page and fill in the review form.