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On this page, all online posts concerning Conid are automatically gathered. We think it is marvellous that so many people are writing about Conid. We greatly appreciate the comments of every (future) Conid enthousiast and we think it is important to share these viewpoints with our website visitors: both people who are already familiar with these fora or brand new fountain pen lovers. In this way, everybody is able to use this information to make the right pen choices.

At this moment, we are gathering posts from Reddit, Pen Exchange, Fountain Pen Network and The Pencilcase Blog. We hope to add several more websites in the future.

We also would like to emphasize that Conid does not influence these posts in any way. Since honesty is one of our core values, we would like to provide this information in an unfiltered and fully accessible way. We encourage an open discussion.

People talk about Conid