Being the pivotal element of every fountain pen, our nib specialist individually grinds our Peter Bock nibs upon every customer's personal preference. Nibs are available in stainless steel, titanium, gold, white gold or stealth.Nib
Manufactured with high precision, our indestructible and ergonomic barrel is every Bulkfiller’s backbone. Depending on the specific model, our barrel is available in various materials.Barrel
Machined from solid titanium, the clip ensures lifelong tension.  Light-weight and elegant, it is a signature part of the Bulkfiller.Clip
All dimensions are in millimeters


With great respect to its rich cultural heritage, Antwerp finds harmony between tradition and modernisation. From its ardent Antwerp red finish to its premium design: the AntwerPPen breathes passion. By creating this pen, we hope to pay great tribute to our city, spreading sparks of our passion among our future AntwerPPen writers.


Antwerp is the home of people and companies who dare to go off the beaten path. Behind the AntwerPPen’s simple and elegant design lies revolutionary craftsmanship and innovation. Crafted from premium materials, this pen guarantees high durability to complement numerous writing sessions.


Breathing avant-gardism, Antwerp creates a peculiar mélange of tradition and experiment enclosing the city. The AntwerPPen stands out as an ode to its city: an exclusive Conid Bulkfiller in vibrant Antwerp Conid Red. With its distinctive, yet elegant design, the AntwerPPen adds a touch of refinement to any handwriting.

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