Website feedback

Dear Conid fan,

At Conid, we try to improve what we do every day. For that matter, your feedback is vital to us. We, therefore, made a brand new website, containing more useful information, images and a webshop providing a complete overview of our broad collection. Our website is now much more accessible and built to smoothly navigate through all of our pages. Especially fountain pen lovers that do not yet know us that well, are now able to discover everything they ever wanted to know about us, and even more.

Certainly take a look at our brand new Conid nib configurator, which makes ordering a new or an extra nib much more convenient.

As we already mentioned, we do appreciate your feedback and look forward to hearing your opinions about our new website. As we all know, a web page is never really “finished”, so we will continue to add new images, pens and updates in the following weeks. Please do let us know what you think and do not hesitate to make any suggestions. Although we will use your feedback to improve our website, all of your commentaries will be kept private and will not be publicly displayed in any way.

Our sincere thanks in advance!

Greetings from the Conid Headquarters in Antwerp,

Conid Team