Which different materials are used in the Conid Bulkfillers?

Our standard Conid collection features various materials that are durable and high quality. These materials are featured in the barrels, as well as in the rims, clips and inner pieces of our pens. Our webshop offers the possibility to select the available materials for each pen of your choice.

Please take a look at an overview of all of the materials used.


What is the name of the clear plastic used in the pen barrels and caps?

The clear parts of our first generation of pens were all made of Polycarbonate. This was a choice made based upon the improved mechanical properties of the material, with excellent impact strength compared to Plexiglass. However, for a while now, we are using Plexiglass instead, simply because of the material’s machinability and the ease to get an improved mirror smooth polish. After all, the conducted test proved that Plexiglass parts were equally undestroyable as their Polycarbonate predecessors.


Which material is the nib feeder made out of?

The material differs according to the size of the nib feeder:

The Size 6 feeders are Plastic (ABS). These are used on: Minimalistica, Regular & Giraffe
The bigger Size 8’s are machined from Ebonite. These are used on the Kingsize only.