What is the CAISO system and does it come in other collections than the Kingsize?

The main goal of the CAISO (Cap Actuated Ink Shut Off) is to make the use of the Kingsize Bulkfiller a bit easier. Some people did not like to unscrew the hand nut to be able to use the ink in the main ink reservoir. Therefore we developed the CAISO system which opens the main ink chamber when uncapping. The CAISO system is only available for the Kingsize model.


What about the CAISO system? Can I order it?

This is a system that found daylight in the beginning of 2016. Back then, it was in the form of a Limited and numbered edition.

After that, we kept developing the technology – especially the feeder that is in our own design. It turned out there were some flaws that could be corrected, followed with the decision to take the CAISO back offline to finalise the Research and development. Don’t get me wrong: there was no major issue with the functionality.

So, it will definitely be back!
It was scheduled to be available again in … But with the growing demand, we were forced to postpone any announcement. We cannot afford to put the CAISO back online as long as we have not fully finalised (read as: “huge improvement”) and it’s corresponding manufacturing and testing.