What about VAT?

VAT – billing adress or shipment adress?

We have to charge VAT based on the country of shipping, not billing.

VAT – Is VAT already deduced from the price I see on my screen or not?

Only those who purchase within a state of the European Union have to pay VAT (= 21%). Our webshop uses IP address and login parameters to determine the location, and adapts accordingly.
This means you will not see the VAT. The prices in the webshop should be round numbers and have no decimals.

On rare occasions, the browsers cache can confuse this web-module. In such case, this is easily resolved by clearing cache.
For countries within the EU, a VAT of 21% is shown.

A simple guideline: if you see round numbers: no VAT is calculated. If you see decimals, the VAT is active.

VAT – Would it be possible to remove the VAT at source (under EU 4th Schedule rules) when I provide my VAT number?

Yes, our webshop will take care of it. You can fill in your VAT number on the personal details page, and if it is an accepted format, the reduction of VAT will be taken care of prior to payment.