Can I customize my pen?


Can I customize my pen? Does this come with extra charges?

To fully personalize your Bulkfiller, Conid offers a service to engrave the clip of your pen. This service comes with a small extra charge. Furthermore, our webshop offers a broad selection of nibs which are fully customizable in terms of material, grinding and tipping size. It is possible to order these nibs separately, without purchasing a Bulkfiller. You can fill in your preferences in the fields available in the order form. Any additional requests can be left in the comment section on the order page.

At Conid, we aim to cater to any of the personal preferences or special requests of our owners. For pens that are made to fit any type of special occasions, such as a wedding, for example, we will try to match your requests within our possibilities and limitations. Read more …

What’s your policy on custom configuration or use of materials?

Our current policy is not to do any “custom-material” requests any longer. The reason for this is threefold:

  1. The massive impact on our production process, which gets held up more than one would expect. Also the current massive flow of orders does not allow for this.
  2. The problems we got in the past, by utilising “unknown” materials, we created issues that were not foreseen. (i.e. material shrinkage, warping, ink-penetration etc…. Of course this does not apply on Aluminum at all)
  3. Integrity and loyalty. For us, you are not a customer. You are a (future) Conid owner, which brings along mutual respect and appreciation. We cannot afford exceptions on our policy as this wouldn’t be honest to our other Conid owners.

Can I order a pen without any engraving/branding?

Unfortunately, these are engravings that we cannot remove. Mainly because of two reasons:

  1. To us, the engravings are a coherent unity with the overall aesthetics of the pen. Leaving them out is a compromise that we don’t feel comfortable with.
  2. The cap bands and the bottom knob gets engraving during production and we don’t keep stock of the blanks. I hope we can find your understanding on this matter.

Can I engrave other parts of my Bulkfiller than the clip?

Unfortunately, engraving is solely limited to the clip.  You do however have the option to engrave the inside or the outside of the clip. Please read for more information about the engraving options.

Barrel / section: Would the color of the top and bottom parts be available for customizing?

Unfortunately this is not possible either. When it comes to the Minimalistica, the only available materials are matte black Delrin and clear acrylic.

Barrel / section: Can I order a spare section?

For the Regular and streamline models, this is possible. For the Kingsize, sadly not… in this particular model we chose to glue the barrel to the section. Read more …

Wanting a spare section would result in the need to have a barrel with it as well, pre-assembled and glued.