Spare parts

Since all our Bulkfillers are completely dismantlable, any spare parts or upgraded components can be found in this section.

For any questions regarding the (dis)assembly of our Bulkfillers, please visit our how-to section.


All of our Conid Bulkfillers are engineered to be a modular and easy to disassemble pens.
For that purpose, we specifically chose to have no parts glued together. The fact that our customers can completely dismantle every single segment of their pen, adds to Conid’s belief in ultimate transparency about our material and manufacturing techniques towards our clients.

Although the high-quality materials our pens are made of are all thoroughly tested to last a lifetime, we do want to offer a spare-part service to provide our Conid owners with replacements and upgrade parts. If you would like to order any spare parts, please fill in the corresponding form. Please make sure to select “spare part order” in the drop-down menu.

The pricing for each individual part is carefully chosen to support an honest and balanced platform that both assists customer needs as well as a sustainable ground to produce and maintain the logistics of these parts.

Additional nibs can be ordered online.

Pricing spare parts

When in doubt, or when you have additional questions concerning this topic, please contact us via the contact form.