Is the Conid Minimalistica AVDA a limited edition?

In your webshop, it indicates that this pen is limited edition. How many pens are you willing to made?
Is it really limited edition?

In fact, the AVDA is not limited, it’s a Special edition. We have no intentions on stopping to make them.

Since the AVDA is a special/limited edition how long will it be available for?

I have a Monarch Minimalistica and wish to get another Conid. I was thinking of getting the Regular now and a little later the AVDA. I don’t want to miss the AVDA.
Don’t worry on the availability.What started as being a limited series of only 15 pieces, has now been expanded to multiple series and three different configurations as described in our earlier communications. The numbering system has received an additional letter to still have it as a Special numbered edition. We simple couldn’t end this project since it’s the only Streamlined Minimalistica.
There is no rush : )

So basically, the simple answer to your question is: the AVDA is NOT limited!

Is the AVDA Phi Minimalistica being offered with a demonstrator barrel like the one in the larger picture on the pen’s webpage?

Your assumption is correct, the webshop is currently a bit confusing as there is only one AVDA product to choose…

There are three possible configurations available:
M BCB BB SL – Black Cap + Black Barrel -> this one is the product in shop
M DCB DB SL – Demo cap + Demo Barrel
M BCB DB SL – Black Cap + Demo Barrel -> this one is in the photo on the webshop.

Please use the comment box on the order to specify which config you would like. These are scheduled to be added to the webshop as separate products as soon as we have better photo’s.