What’s the Conid tool and why I use it for?

The Conid + Allen key are necessary to completely disassemble the pen. This is a nice asset if you would like to maintain and thoroughly clean your Bulkfiller.

Cleaning can also be done by flushing the pen with water. The Bulkfiller mechanism allows for a great flow to be rapidly sucked into the pen and be squeezed out again. These cause a lot of internal turbulence which cleans the pen good enough for an ink swap (for example another colour or brand).

The tooling is not required at all to perform flushing.

Our Conid tool comes at a price of € 15 (excl. VAT) and can be ordered when purchasing a Bulkfiller (by ticking the ‘tooling’-box) or separately via our spare part order form. Please select “spare-part order” in the drop-down menu and fill in your order in the message box.


I want to order a pen, is my tooling kit included?

Tooling kits are included with all of our specials and limited editon Conid Bulkfillers. If you order a pen from our normal collection, you will need to add the tooling kit to your cart separately for the price of 15 euros. It is also possible to order this kit separately in our webshop.


I already have the tool for the disassembly of the Kingsize. Is it compatible?

You can use your Kingsize tool also for the Regular, Minimalistica, Giraffe and Slimline. The Kingsize tool features on one side the “filler removal tool” and on the other side the “filling knob removal tool”. On all other versions you only need the “filler removal tool”. The Kingsize tool is actually standard for all Bulkfiller versions.