Can I order an extra nib?

I want to know if you can order additional nibs without ordering a pen. I ordered a pen several months back and I’m interested in ordering additional nibs, also can I still have grinding done on them?

As swapping nibs is a main feature of the Conid Bulkfiller, we made a nib configurator to make it possible to order the desired nibs separately.

Grinding is possible.

I do want to raise your awareness on picking the right size on the first step. If none is selected, ALL nibs and sizes are shown. (a limitation of the webshop that is hard to fix)

On how to swap nibs. Read more …

If I order a Conid Bulkfiller without a nib, would it include a housing unit with feed, or do I need to go purchase a housing unit with a feed separately?

When a Bulkfiller is purchased without nib unit, it does not come with feed or housing either. This is because we sell our nibs as a complete unit. So please use the comment box on the order form to specify how many feeder + housing pairs you would like to install your nibs and we will take care.

I understand that I select the pen and the nib and then deselect the pen on the order summary page.

This I do and as soon as I click a new page comes up that says my cart is empty. I have tried this with both Chrome and Firefox. Now can you please explain to me how I order spare parts? Thank you very much.
When ordering a pen with nib, it’s actually one combined product in the webshop.
Removing the pen, results in losing the nib that is attached to it.

The fix: use the Nib configurator! (nib-only orders)