Can I become a custom grinding?

I was considering getting a spare nib, but would like an architect grind, which was not offered in the options. I was wondering if this grind would be possible and how much it would cost?

Yes, we can provide an architect grind. In fact, Johan’s work on this kind of grind has been complimented a lot.

We chose not to list it in the dropdown box, as we see it as an “advanced grind”, (so is the oblique grind for example) which could be an issue-magnet when selected out of curiosity by pen-users that don’t really know what they want.

Please do be informed that the architect grind is the most time consuming, therefore ending up on 36,00 EUR. (taken care of by separate payment request after receiving the order).

It is very useful to specify the desired linewidths (plural: cross and down stroke) as well as your elevation angle of pen and paper, and Johan will work towards your desires. If he has additional questions he will surely contact you again.


I did not specify any kind of special grinding when I ordered my nib/pen. Will my nib still be ground by Johan, the nib specialist?

Indeed. For a while now, Johan – our nib specialist – finetunes each nib, even when no grinding is required. We stopped using the Bock nibs straight out of the box since we noticed minor quality variations between different batches.