In Flanders Fields

In commemoration to the centennial of the Great War

The Great War

In 2014, Conid developed an exceptional limited edition fountain pen, called In Flanders Fields. In commemoration to the centennial of the Great War, this Bulkfiller aims to pay a suitable tribute to Flanders’ pivotal role in the developments of the War. Conid hopes that the users of this new pen will write new history, in remembrance to this momentous event in the past.

Thanks to the eye-catching Tibaldi Celluloid material, this Bulkfiller is a truly magnificent collector’s item. The obsidian black base, alternated with fractions of silver, creates a sense of translucence due to the luminescent blue veins running through the barrel. Due to this fascinating, yet very rare and limited material, Conid only created a limited stock of ten flat top and ten streamline editions of the Kingsize model.

Limited Edition: In Flanders Field

Yet not only the remarkable material contributes to the Flanders Fields’ unique monumentality. The hand-engraved barrel subtly mentions In Flanders Fields 1914-2014 and their serial number. The pen comes in an exceptional collector’s box, a piece of art on its own. The black leather case does not only carefully protects the pen, but also holds an engraving of John McCrae’s In Flanders Fields poem and a little personalized tag chain.

Since the In Flanders Fields is a Kingsize Bulkfiller, it takes up to 3 ml of ink. The pen comes with an 18K rhodinated Peter Bock nib and withholds the same technical features and measurements as our Kingsize range. It came at the symbolic price of 1418 euros. Conid was very proud to release this model in 2014 and has passed on every pen of this very limited collection to a new Conid owner.