Cappuccino: original, progressive and accurate

Cappuccino: coffee from Italy

When we hear the word ‘cappuccino’, we all immediately think about the beloved foamy coffee drink with its Italian roots. For most people, coffee is inseparably connected with their morning routine and the start of a new day. What the Cappuccino Limited edition wants to illustrate is actually the very same – the start of something good.

What is also worth mentioning, is that Conid’s homebase Antwerp is proud for having the biggest harbor that imported most coffee beans in the 16th century. This still has an impact on Antwerpian life today, and emphasizes our great coffee culture.

Limited Edition: Cappuccino Bulkfiller

The Cappuccino Bulkfiller itself is made of acrylic material with the very same caramel and cream colors as a steaming cup of cappuccino. We chose to execute this limited edition in a Regular Flat top design, mostly because this model is found to be very convenient and all-round. As with all of our fountain pens, the cap top and hand nut are made out of titanium. On the bottom of the hand nut, the serial number is engraved.

The Cappuccino came out on December 6th 2016 and this caramel-swirled beauty proved to be an extremely popular new edition, since it was sold out in only a few hours. We received many compliments about the unique and colorful new approach to our designs.