A true Dutchman

Who’s Fontoplumo?

Fontoplumo was established in 2012 out of a love for fountain pens, and with the ambition to share this appreciation with many others. We started off with an online store, and in 2016, we added a physical store in order to allow pen lovers to optimally experience and browse our products.

We are very passionate about the appeal of writing instruments, especially the fountain pen. In a world of screens, ephemerality and transience, the craft of writing is one that is about to go extinct. Yet the tangible art of writing by hand delivers a particular form of tactility and personal experience that we deem remarkable.  A good pen is a valuable addition to your set of personal tools. It is, more crucially, an expression of quality, identity and appreciation of history. Even more so, it is a vehicle for narration, stories and thoughtfulness.

Fontoplumo & Conid

Every single day is dedicated to guaranteeing exclusivity, quality and originality. In order to do so, we cooperate with excellent companies, who provide us with high end products. With some of them, such as Conid, Kaweco and Leonardo,  we  have collaborated to create unique special editions. The quality we deliver, is expressed by the products that we display and sell. We select all of them carefully, and we continually update and expand the collection on offer. Our specialty is in sharing our knowledge, and providing you with optimal service. We offer great old fashioned service, with the ease of 21st century shopping. We are driven to help you find the perfect pen.

We welcome you to visit either our online store or our Delft-based physical store, where you can find a rich collection of beautiful fountain pens, ballpoints, rollerballs and mechanical pencils.

We are thankful to everyone who chooses Fontoplumo. Without your dedication to our company, we would not be able to spread the love about pens.

For your next pen.